We are Seeking a Person, Foundation or Social organization wishing to acquire property for Environment Development

    We are seeking a person, foundation or social organization wishing to acquire property rights to a unique island area, ideal for a secluded private residence and/or the development of “Environmental Projects” under Article 18 of Costa Rica’s Forestry Law 7575.

    Property Description

    This 30-acre (12 hectare) property for sale is located on the «Big Island of Golfito,” also known as «Huacas.» Its stunning natural beauty is picturesque and utterly unique, making it one of the more photographed places in Costa Rica.

    Huacas makes the bay of Golfito a perfect boat harbor. This bay is protected on all sides by land, and the island forms the barrier between the big outer bay of Golfo Dulce, and the inner, perfectly protected Bay of Golfito. And the islands only river which runs basically down the Center for the length of the property

    Beginning at the very top of the island, the property line runs directly along the top ridge that forms the backbone of the island. From this top ridge, the property reaches east toward the Bay of Golfito, encompassing the main valley.And the islands only river which runs basically down the Center for the entire length of the property.

    Looking at the photos, you can identify the property by locating the river and large flat area at the water’s edge between the two protruding points on the south-east end of the island, and then looking from there, up the large valley to the top ridge line.

    Huacas’s river runs year-round and is fed by a spring that bubbles up near the top of the property; it runs along the entire length of the property, which stretches down to just above the Bay, where the property can be accessed by boat — about a 10-20 minute ride to Golfito, depending on boat speed.

    This property is perfect for a sailor, with its protected deepwater bay and its proximity to Golfito, directly across the bay.

     Sailors will love Huacas’s proximity to the Panama Canal, which makes it easy to choose between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

     Golfito is a prospering bay-front town with a hospital and a duty-free port. It is also becoming the home of a state-of-the-art luxury Marina which is now under construction. The «Golfito Marina and Village» will have all of the infrastructure and resources that a boat-owner could dream of. Along with the Golfito Marina is a new Boardwalk, which will attract tourists and usher in a new era of prosperity for the region and this beautiful waterfront town. 

    The island remains in its natural, pristine state. The Big Island of Golfito (Huacas) is designated as one of Costa Rica’s National Heritage Parks, so its natural beauty, privacy and tranquillity will remain protected and unchanged even as nearby amenities, restaurants, the new Marina and Boardwalk create steady activity across the Bay.

    The property has rights of usage that include: building a house, creating trails, constructing camping platforms and tree platforms to allow visitors to enjoy exploring the canopy, and to expand access to the spectacular 360-degree views available at the higher points on the island.

    Visitors will love exploring the natural beauty of Huacas, an ideal location for a short picnic, a full day’s hiking adventure, or even several days of “deep nature” exploration.

     Huacas will always be the perfect place to get away from it all— while remaining mere minutes away from the amenities and pleasures of Golfito.

    Because of its presence in the National Heritage Park System, activities on the property include all those provided for in Article 18 of the Forestry Law No. 7575, and as detailed below: 

    The island is under the jurisdiction of MINAET, the country’s forestry division.

    The Department responsible for Land Use Procedures is MINAET which is the State Natural Heritage (PNE) SINAC-ACOSA. Central Building, Office of the Regional Directorate of ACOSA. Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Environment Education or a Forest Engineer is needed to present this form.



    • Rest areas 
    • Areas for lunch and dining 
    • Kayaking, canoeing 
    • Recreational cycling 
    • Ecological Lodge 
    • Other activities compatible with the environment (such as parties, weddings, etc.)
    • Walking trails 
    • Camping areas
    • Lookouts 
    • Canopy 
    • Ascending a tree to serve as a lookout (observation platforms may be placed in trees, provided that the tree is not critical to the breeding of another species) 
    • Hanging bridges 
    • Rappelling 


    • Demonstration tours 
    • Ecological classrooms 
    • Environmental education programs 
    • Other related and properly authorized activities (such as place-based learning)
    • Walking trails (in this case, for scientific purposes) 
    • Lookouts for wildlife observation or control and protection (in this case, for scientific purposes)
    • Installation of camera ‘traps,’ bird blinds etc. for wildlife observation 
    • Specimen collection of biodiversity in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Biodiversity No. 7788 and its regulations
    • Restoration, improvement and/or rehabilitation of wetlands and other ecosystems
    • Other related and properly authorized activities (such as data-gathering and species counts) 



    Here are some links to the Marina with some views of the island.

    Golfito Marina Village and Resort, Facebook page 


    Coldwell Banker listing for Golfito Marina Resort


    Golfito Marina Village and Resort  

    The second picture down here shows the proximity of Huacas island to the town of Golfito and the Golfito Marina resort.


    Golfito Marina Village


    The Area and Marina with Views of Huacas


    Current Marina progress


    Contact Us

    If you have questions or are interested in learning more, please contact Timothy Carter in the US at +1(818) 200-3078, or email him at: wolfhead88@doglover.com or Berni Rojas in Costa Rica at +011(506) 8358-4949 or rojcam@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your interest.